Custom-Made Cricket Bats

Making Your BoxBat

All our bats are made in the traditional way from grade 1 and 2 English willow.

The weight, balance and length of your bat should correspond to your height and the way you like to play. This all ensures that the "sweet spot" of your bat is in the most helpful place to complement your batting style and make batting as easy as possible for you. The length of the handle, and its general size and shape, can also be made in any way you wish.

Our bats are individually hand-made by a craftsman who has played cricket all his life and loves the game. At BoxBats we appreciate the value of a good bat, and want to ensure that this experience is available to a wide range of players. Graham Boxall brings a lifetime of experience and a deep love and appreciation for cricket to each carefully crafted bat.

  • Once he has picked the source willow for the bat, Graham uses a draw knife to shape the splice of the handle.
  • He then uses spoke shaves and a bloke plane to finish that process.
  • Once that's done, Graham uses the belt sander to roughly sand the bat and reduce its weight.
  • Then he hand sands the bat, using a sandpaper and block and a palm sander.
  • After that Graham buffs the bat, using buffing compound and a buffing wheel.
  • Next he strings the handle, using PVA glue before finally fitting the grip to the handle.
  • Now your bat is complete, Graham applies the stickers that mark your bat as a bespoke BoxBat!

All this can be done by you, to give you the ultimate bespoke experience. For more details, please contact us.

Here are some pictures of Graham at work, crafting a new BoxBat: