Custom-Made Cricket Bats

BoxBats provide custom-made cricket bats for all levels of player

BoxBats are based in a small workshop in East London. We can offer you a service normally only available to professional cricketers - your own hand-made cricket bat, built to your own specifications at a price that you can afford.

Our bats are individually hand-made by a craftsman who has played cricket all his life and loves the game. At BoxBats we appreciate the value of a good bat, and want to ensure that this experience is available to a wide range of players. Graham Boxall brings a lifetime of experience and a deep love and appreciation for cricket to each carefully crafted bat.

In our workshop we can also offer a full bat repair service for all makes of bat, ranging from end of season "refurbs" to major repairs.

To arrange a bespoke appointment, please contact us at any time.